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Criteria for Nomination

•Has to be a Nuclear Medicine Technologist or someone directly involved with the field of Nuclear Medicine (Sales, Applications, Pharmacist, etc.)
•Exemplify the characteristics of Kathy Kelleher, such as:

  • Dedication, Loyalty, Integrity.

  • Participation in Society functions.

  • Giving of one’s self beyond the “Call of Duty.”

The Kathy Kelleher Award Winners

•2000 - Richard Kelleher
•2001 - Martha Griffin
•2002 - Debbie Hepburn
•2003 - Nancy Guilarte
•2004 - Stephen Heun
•2005 - Earl Beck
•2006 - Sheryl Detling
•2007 - Carol Bonanno
•2009 - Robin McCarthy
•2011 - Chance Faircloth

•2013 - John Cieply

•2015 - Paul Kaszuba

•2017 - Duane Hollier

•2019 - Anna Marie Zambito

•2022 - Sara Johnson​

Kathy Kelleher was a wonderful, hardworking, and dedicated member of the Nuclear Medicine Community. Year after year, Kathy gave us her time and her energy for the betterment of Nuclear Medicine. When Kathy lost her battle with cancer, we lost a well-respected colleague and friend.

So, in honoring Kathy’s memory, the Florida Nuclear Medicine Technologists have  commemorated her hard work and dedication by presenting the “Kathy Kelleher Merit Award” for significant contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Kathy Kelleher Award

To Nominate a Candidate for the 2024 Award

In 2024 we will once again honor someone in our field with the Kathy Kelleher Award. The Kathy Kelleher Merit Award is for significant contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine. Watch your email for a survey via survey monkey where you can vote for officers and nominate someone for this award!

You will be asked to submit in writing a narrative describing the candidate's contribution to Nuclear Medicine from the above criteria to include years in the field, local, state, and national offices held; papers written, and other factors if applicable.